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We are please to announce new features and performance enhancements have been implemented in Health Focus! We are excited to bring you new features that streamline workflow and help you provide care more efficiently.

Point-of-Care Page

We’ve reorganized the layout to make it quicker and easier to find the information you need. We’ve also added the ability to edit patient demographic information and customize the recommended next due date for each measure in the Visit section.

  • New tab layout
    • Priority Attention, Comments and Campaigns functions are now located under their own respective tabs.
    • New Care Team tab—Here you’ll find a list of other health care professionals a patient has seen.
    • New Conditions tab—A list of diagnosed conditions that have been billed from a provider.
    • New Letters tab –A list of reminder letters that have been previously generated for the specific patient. If needed, letters can be reprinted from here. (The existing batch print function for reminder letters is still available.)
  • Demographics in the Patient Information section are now able to be edited.
  • Addition of the HEDIS due date and the ability to customize the recommended next due date for each measure in the Visit section.
Quality Summary Report
  • A year and a month filter has been added to allow users to view data by these two criteria.
Reports Library
  • The new Reports Library contains basic reports to help you manage your patient population. Currently, the Transitions of Care report is available. Additional reports will be added soon.
Patient Summary List

Patient risk-rank—a designation of low, medium or high assigned to a patient based on a compilation of risk scores from various sources such as HCC, PRISM and health plans—can now be found in the Patient Summary table. A clickable link provides the score details that are used in determining the risk rank.

The next scheduled appointment date for a patient has also been added. (This function is only available for offices that have a direct data feed to the HVPA data warehouse.)

You should have receive a training guide from your practice coach. Additional in-person training or via webinar is also available. Contact your HVPA Practice Coach to arrange a time.

Liz Batey or (734) 973-0137 ext. 432

Jenna (Brown) Fletcher or (734) 973-0137 ext. 405

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